-Let go-

The world was revolving slow, as he laid there on a bed of grass, watching the birds fly. He was slowly letting go of everything that captured him lifeless. He was letting go of the pain he used to feel whenever voices of judgements would strike past him, wounding him deeply. Slowly breath by breath,... Continue Reading →


You seek in between the paths you lead in life for a challenge, no matter how tired, down satisfied, complete your soul gets, your heart keeps searching for a challenge to mould you into a better person, you fall down half way through the process of climbing up the lane of your dreams, your heart... Continue Reading →


When have we not been at war? We are humans and sadly, we have wars going on within us, when we can't find peace within ourselves, how would we find peace at the state of war? People say they fight for peace, but I don't understand why is there even an action of fight on... Continue Reading →


Irrefutable - impossible to deny or disprove; a beautiful word of 11 letters, with the deepest meaning I've ever come across with. Irrefutable - impossible to deny; amongst all that are passed with, amongst all the smiles and moments for being there for others, it becomes irrefutable to not feel at least the least bit... Continue Reading →

-A sad truth-

It has become hard to believe that the world I knew as a little child is no more. I have been living with the changes, but never did the realization hit me. As hard as it is to believe, I will be telling my children and grandchildren of times how the world burnt with flames... Continue Reading →


People don't see me for my sanity,people seek in-betweenfor a dirt,that impurifies my soul,that concludes meas a flaw. -a.d. <<<-5 Ways To Remain Positive — lifesfinewhine-                                                           ... Continue Reading →


I am slowly slipping into a state of dysphoria, where everything is a dysfunction, breathing and breathing, I lay myself onto this bed of sadness, drowning myself with the tears, I stay awake, watching the ceiling slowly blur away. Kept wondering and wandering to all the corners of darkness, finding answers to the unknown effect... Continue Reading →

-Dusk & Dust-

I might just stay here forever in this land of dirt, watching the sun slowly slip away, making way for the moon to shine through in the darkness. I can go on and on, breathing and living as the blue sky turns into hues of magic, leaving whispers of hope in the air. 'Cause as... Continue Reading →

-Ranting out the Changes-

We were taught to never hurt anyone, but why are we now throwing harsh words as bullets that would pierce through our hearts? We never had an idea of what self-harm was, but look at us now drawing scars on our skins like drawing lines on a plain paper. We were taught to apply ointments... Continue Reading →

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