-Void Waves-

Voices hovered by words,fading in, pitch by pitchbreath by breath,it all stops, taking off theweighed words setting below theocean of void waves.Time binding by speed,running over and over,stepping on and forward,lost and gained,the path lanes down a battle of swords made of papers & copper.What is there to be let out, for a human like... Continue Reading →

-Drop by drop-

To feel numb is a familiar home I've accommodated with.I keep twisting words, hoping it would lead me to a solution,yet I find no escape from within. It slowly sinks inside me,knotting me up and dragging me down,burying me alive under my thoughts. It unravels me inch by inch exposing my soul to this burning... Continue Reading →

-A New Day-

A morning within walls,dreaming of feeling the fresh air.Singing by the window - yellow and black pitching in a happy tune, fled with open wings within the breeze tohome.Watching it like a movie placed on atheatre screen, the window beheld a story. Wasn't it hard though? To watch thewhole world through windows?Eyes shut, gratitude heaved... Continue Reading →


Sat by the shore,winded a song in silence,stroked thousands of thoughts as one.Looked at infinite stars binding time into space,as it created universes of its own.Parallelized and paralyzed two lives apart,but hearts as one.I flew paper planes into the breeze,hoping it would land safely onto your land. -a.d. <<< -Action->>>

-The Drive-

Blasting music as the road,displays a path with an endlessjourney.I drive, fearlessly,not bothered of the darknesschasing,driving meters away.the lights blind thepast, erasing the roadas the car steers forward.A light turns off andanother in front illuminatesa spotlight, displaying thisroad of paradox.Turning sideways, on the rearview,headlights blind me,baffled; a battle of light and darkwithin.The car drives past,... Continue Reading →

-What is Fear?-

"If fear had a shape, would it haunt more than it does being formless? Would it lurk upon us in dawn or in a crowded room? Is it really formless? Or does it disguise as a living creature?" Thinking deeper as the thoughts get louder vibrating along the air under this vibrant darkness of night... Continue Reading →


Inked onto a blank scrap of paper, giving life,I inhaled and exhaled life. The voice was slowly let out through me as I reflected those in words. I've been trapped both in mind and soul.Now, through this paper.Uncage me , I've been meaning to live a life through air and be breezed out by a... Continue Reading →

-The Color Within Me-

I stood there,on the streets of flooded human,with neon and glitters painted on my face.I stood there,covering my identity,waiting to ask people,"What color do you see in me?"And I wondered,would it be the numerous outlines I have drewwith colors of blinding lights,or would it be my real colors, binding me alive?Look at me now, under... Continue Reading →


I will grow out of it; out of false hopes and expectations, out of my comfort zone, to seek and thrive out my dreams.  Out of darkness, out of silence.  Once in a while, I might grow out of myself, my whole secluded self.  Out of this shell, out of this empty body,  I'd be... Continue Reading →


Some words just sticks within you, lingers and spreads like a parasite. Creeps out suddenly in darkness, with no particular reason. It forms a whole new void of thoughts sometimes, just plain thoughts, but the amount of impact gets heavier than any metal on earth, the longer the unwelcomed thoughts stay. Sucking out energy, leaving... Continue Reading →

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