-Train to the moon ๐ŸŒ™-

Take my hand, let's catch a train, travel till the last station, and call it, "A train travel to the moon." Let's fall in love with each others imperfections, 'cause from a far, we have learnt to love the imperfectly perfect moon. Let's dance till all the stars dance with us, twirl with magical pixie... Continue Reading →


A summer filled day, with the sky blending blues like a midway interval of an old movie,a flower bloomed, grew a bit older the next day and died a little further the other day, with petals crashing down like the bickering rain by the end of a summer season, I watch,with a broken smile from... Continue Reading →

-Kind Souls-

To all the kind souls giving out love with no limits, if it weren't for you, this world would have been a cruel place to live in. To all the human souls still inhaling sadness but exhaling happiness through it all, if it weren't for you, there would be no flowers blooming in our lives.... Continue Reading →

-Grown ups-

And we all grew up through it all didn't we? From losing people to mending our souls at dawn. From hearing good-byes from the ones whose "hello" we would cherish the whole day. From loving a person to losing them. From crying out loud to crying in silence. From being with friends to feeling all... Continue Reading →


The vibrant colours of your soul has been captured like those paintings framed in museums. No matter what, never let it fade away. No matter what, never allow it to slip away. You are beautiful in your own way, so never let your colours slip away just like that. ๐Ÿ’™ -A.D.

-Scraps of moments-

I carry everything that links me to a memory. I secure them in boxes and treasure them forever. Be it a piece of paper, a broken keychain, a scribbled note, a letter, a picture, an old journal, a dry rose, I carry it all, I have carried it all through my life. And this is... Continue Reading →


Spread your wings, fly high, rule through the winds, build a castle of dreams and live in it as an emperor, who never gave up. -A.D.


Cut my wings and showcase it on your wall, show the world that you are in love with me and that is why, you have cut them to keep it dearly close to your heart. But that doesn't mean you could cage me from flying. I was born to fly high, with or without the... Continue Reading →

-Mystical Moon-

Being a mystical source of magic, she is up there, shimmering like a magic ball on the ocean of darkness, shinning brighter than millions of lights put together. Living far away from clusters of stars, giving us an illusion that she was never alone in the sky. She could enchant anyone with her magic, healing... Continue Reading →

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