-The Lock-down Tag/ Promote your blog-

Hey there all, hope you are all doing well and being safe. I have been nominated for "The Lock-down Tag" (yay) by Manoj Mehra, an awesome writer out there. Please do check his site and follow him. 😄 (https://believestrong.wordpress.com/author/manojmehra2610/) So before I jump onto the rules of this award, I want you all to know... Continue Reading →

-The Liebster Award-

Hey there everyone, sorry for going all MIA for a while haha, was caught up with college works and I am still making time to blog as often as I can. I got nominated for The Liebster Award, yay me haha and thank you Manoj Mehra for nominating me, please do check is wonderous blog:... Continue Reading →

-Mystery Blogger Award-

~Happy happy happyyy~ Haha alright. So I was nominated for my first Mystery Blogger Award by Abbey (happysky7311) and I am in cloud-9 for this haha. Thanks a ton Abbey for nominating me for this award. I'll forever be grateful for this and this means so much to me. Thank you very much and I am... Continue Reading →

-Versatile Blogger Award-

Versatile Blogger Award I freaking got an award. And this is my very first one (Yay!). Thanks a ton for nominating me saideepti999 , I should totally say your blog is so wonderful, please check her blog, I could guarantee you that you would fall in love with her words. -Rules- Nominate 15 bloggers and... Continue Reading →

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