-Void Waves-

Voices hovered by words,
fading in, pitch by pitch
breath by breath,
it all stops, taking off the
weighed words setting below the
ocean of void waves.
Time binding by speed,
running over and over,
stepping on and forward,
lost and gained,
the path lanes down a battle of swords made of papers & copper.
What is there to be let out, for a human like me, strived and string merely on a line,

tip-toed at the edge of life balancing
and falling for what I’ve learnt & for what I’ve not.


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Hello there,

Wow such a long time not being active in WordPress. And I am glad to say that I am back. I have planned to write on Wattpad, don’t ask how I got that idea haha, it just popped up. It’s a poetic journey of love. I’ll leave the link below and it would be awesome if you all read and leave your feedback there. I just started off yesterday though, I hope you all like it and thank you so so much for all the love and support throughout. And tadaa here is the link:

☀️“And that moment, was when time, a phenomenon that never stops for a single soul, halted, stayed still – at that very moment was when, the sun, met the moon.” 🌕

What actually happens when the Sun and the Moon meet? Something phenomenal happens, a magical bond is born, love is bloomed. ✨ -a.d.

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