-The Drive-

Blasting music as the road,
displays a path with an endless
I drive, fearlessly,
not bothered of the darkness

driving meters away.
the lights blind the
past, erasing the road
as the car steers forward.

A light turns off and
another in front illuminates
a spotlight, displaying this
road of paradox.

Turning sideways, on the rearview,
headlights blind me,
baffled; a battle of light and dark
The car drives past, a glimpse, and a
moment of shock paralyzes me.
knowing the presence of other
crooked roads.

A minute of cessation, a lone in
everything known about journey of life.
Glancing down from the window,
numerous roads built across,
raveling paths of plenty with different

Focused ; this crooked path now is mine to drive on and thrive upon.
And the journey is never alone.



-A blanket of thoughts->>>

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