-•1• Letters to a broken soul-

To: all the little broken pieces from my heartFrom: a catastrophic human Hang tight in there, I am mending it all, mending us into whole for the hundredth  time. This might not be the last time I fix my broken soul, because for a person who constantly gives away their bits and bits to the... Continue Reading →


A summer filled day, with the sky blending blues like a midway interval of an old movie,a flower bloomed, grew a bit older the next day and died a little further the other day, with pettles crashing down like the bickering rain by the end of a summer season, I watch,with a broken smile from... Continue Reading →

-Accidentally Torn-

Grounds slashing and crashing, with towers higher than hills clustered on the edge of a horizon border. Humans, both devils and angels rushing life on a train over to those endless heights. Streetlights blinking, winking towards the sunlight, 6 a.m., moonlight fading and people running. From a thousand colors merging, diverging and melting, Time runs... Continue Reading →

-The Liebster Award-

Hey there everyone, sorry for going all MIA for a while haha, was caught up with college works and I am still making time to blog as often as I can. I got nominated for The Liebster Award, yay me haha and thank you Manoj Mehra for nominating me, please do check is wonderous blog:... Continue Reading →


Suddenly, all the words that would weep out of my wounds were sealed with your love, like a remedy fixing a fractured bone, like a favorite song fixing a broken soul. -A.D.


This universe could be a blinding cage sometimes, you trust the wrong people, you fall in love with the wrong ones, you live as a person, the way the world wants you to be. yet everything will fit as a mold of a vase-like structure of whom you'd be despite everything, this universe builds up... Continue Reading →

-A Void Noise-

The void silence along the loud noise, syncs well, sinks well onto my soul drowning me alive. And this couldn't really dig me deeper to the death of everything alive inside me. 'Cause I have been there too many times, stuck inside the same old room of darkness, that I have learnt the stories written... Continue Reading →

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