Inked onto a blank scrap of paper, giving life,I inhaled and exhaled life. The voice was slowly let out through me as I reflected those in words. I've been trapped both in mind and soul.Now, through this paper.Uncage me , I've been meaning to live a life through air and be breezed out by a... Continue Reading →


Climbed through hills and crossed rivers, though nothing could stop the journey of succeeding, not even time. -a.d.


To be free yet to be trapped, is not freedom. -a.d. <<<-The lockdown tag/ promote your blog- -The color within me->>>

-The Color Within Me-

I stood there,on the streets of flooded human,with neon and glitters painted on my face.I stood there,covering my identity,waiting to ask people,"What color do you see in me?"And I wondered,would it be the numerous outlines I have drewwith colors of blinding lights,or would it be my real colors, binding me alive?Look at me now, under... Continue Reading →

-Let go-

The world was revolving slow, as he laid there on a bed of grass, watching the birds fly. He was slowly letting go of everything that captured him lifeless. He was letting go of the pain he used to feel whenever voices of judgements would strike past him, wounding him deeply. Slowly breath by breath,... Continue Reading →

-Swim further-

Swam half the way through the ocean, it's either I drown or swim further and reach for the land. -a.d. <<<-Let go- -Growth->>>


I will grow out of it; out of false hopes and expectations, out of my comfort zone, to seek and thrive out my dreams.  Out of darkness, out of silence.  Once in a while, I might grow out of myself, my whole secluded self.  Out of this shell, out of this empty body,  I'd be... Continue Reading →


With unsaid painful stories buried down within the heart, an unsung hero is born everyday, inside everyone. -a.d. <<<-Growth-                                                           -Thank you so much- >>> | I n s... Continue Reading →

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