This universe could be a blinding cage sometimes, you trust the wrong people, you fall in love with the wrong ones, you live as a person, the way the world wants you to be. yet everything will fit as a mold of vase-like structure of whom you'd be despite everything this universe builds up to.... Continue Reading →


-A friend-

In a world like this, books seems to be a better companion than humans. -A.D.

-A Void Noise-

The void silence along the loud noise, syncs well, sinks well onto my soul drowning me alive. And this couldn't really dig me deeper to the death of everything alive inside me. 'Cause I have been there too many times, stuck inside the same old room of darkness, that I have learnt the stories written... Continue Reading →

-A little boy-

It was 8:00 am and the sun was shining away a summer rain of rays, bright and burning with life. Strolling down the street was a boy with no dreams, a mind full of havoc planted by his parents. A broken home was not a place he'd return back to, a broken heart was all... Continue Reading →

-Hello there-

Dear fellow WordPress family, It has been a while, oh my goodness. Sorry for being inactive in the past few months, I just had so many college works to do and I hope you guys still remember me haha. Alright so I hope everyone are doing well and I will try my real best to... Continue Reading →

-Life of their own-

I wonder how it would feel to hear a heart which has given a million pieces, a life of their own to live for. Would it sound like poetry? Would it calm the storms? Would it whisper stories at dawn? Would it embrace the chaos? Would it fix it all? -A.D.


I am slowly slipping into a state of dysphoria, where everything is a dysfunction, breathing and breathing, I lay myself onto this bed of sadness, drowning myself with the tears, I stay awake, watching the ceiling slowly blur away. Kept wondering and wandering to all the corners of darkness, finding answers to the unknown effect... Continue Reading →

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