I'd fade, I'd bloom, I'd live - I'd grow through it all. -a.d.

-A sad truth-

It has become hard to believe that the world I knew as a little child is no more. I have been living with the changes, but never did the realization hit me. As hard as it is to believe, I will be telling my children and grandchildren of times how the world burnt with flames... Continue Reading →


People don't see me for my sanity,people seek in-betweenfor a dirt,that impurifies my soul,that concludes meas a flaw. -a.d.

-A mountain-

A lush of soaring wind gently rushes my skin,still,but with hundreds of fluttering lives; some happy, some sad, some lifeless, neutral and living.Been in this land long enough to notice the drift in the wind,the humid-air broadening through my soul.A panoramic view of almost everything from a glimpse behind a glass of void magic in... Continue Reading →

-A joyful world-

I have longed for the summer to turn cold and for rain to drop-down with flowers; a dream-like world with flows of joy and wonders. -a.d.

-•2• Letters to myself-

To: my insecure sideFrom: a catastrophic human You are enough, a thousand times, a million times enough. And even if people said otherwise, you are loved, you are perfect in your own way. Judgments would cross across the hallway you stroll by, whispers of their judgments would peak inside your mind at dawn, but worry... Continue Reading →

-•1• Letters to myself-

To: all the little broken pieces from my heartFrom: a catastrophic human Hang tight in there, I am mending it all, mending us into whole for the hundredth  time. This might not be the last time I fix my broken soul, because for a person who constantly gives away their bits and bits to the... Continue Reading →

-Train to the moon 🌙-

Take my hand, let's catch a train, travel till the last station, and call it, "A train travel to the moon." Let's fall in love with each others imperfections, 'cause from a far, we have learnt to love the imperfectly perfect moon. Let's dance till all the stars dance with us, twirl with magical pixie... Continue Reading →

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